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GINYI Crystal Grade Bird's Nest is the most economical way of getting high-quality bird's nest pieces with affordable price. With the same nutrients, taste, and texture of our other grades, it offers exceptional value for money.

As compared to other grades, our GINYI Crystal Grade Bird’s Nest will have a crunchier feel when cooked and eaten.

Select the most economical way of savoring the goodness of bird's nest with our GINYI Crystal Grade Bird’s Nest!

Soak: approx. 1 hour

Double Boil / Slow Cook: approx. 3 hours


Weight (gm)


Material Box



 Plastic Box



  • Product Type: Raw Bird's Nest
  • Place of Origin: Malaysia
  • Content: Pure bird’s nest
  • Specification: There are about 3 pieces of whole bird's nest in every 19 grams. Each piece has an average weight of 6-7 grams.
  • Storage: Keep in cool and dry place with proper packaging.


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One of Malaysia’s Most Loved Bird’s Nest, 100% All Natural
No Chemicals
No Preservatives
No Coloring