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1. Extra Premium Bird Nest 1x170g
2. Special Pack Ginseng Teabag 
3. American Ginseng 20g

1. 1 盒特丽金装
2. 1 盒4包庄花旗参茶
3. 1 盒特选野老山泡參


Delivery cut-off date

*Delivery cut-off date for Chinese New Year Gift Sets is  9 February 2021 . All orders made from 9 February 2021 will be sent after 22 February 2021.


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**Note: Packing and arrangement are for visual purposes only. Should a product packaging be out of stock, it shall be replaced with another of the same value.

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One of Malaysia’s Most Loved Bird’s Nest, 100% All Natural
No Chemicals
No Preservatives
No Coloring