Bird’s nests do cost a fortune and of course it is the usual norm for people to find out more about the source of who are they buying from. There are so many birds’ nest brands out there, but what makes our bird’s nest different from other distributors.

Below are three simple reasons why you should trust us.

1.    Knowledgeable and trusted brand in the market    

     Ginyi has been in the market for more than 30 years, held under the company name “Kien Heng Hong Ginseng Sdn Bhd”. Our company started from humble beginnings and slowly became one of the reputable companies for providing the finest bird’s nest products in Malaysia, especially in the Chinese Traditional Market. Our product and service has gain confidence in the community by serving them with honesty and sincerity.


2.    Promises in Quality

The reason how our company sustained for so many years. It is because of the proven quality of bird’s nest throughout these years. Even with our product being the higher price point, there are still people coming back for more. This is because we, Ginyi provides bird’s nest with premium quality to consumers across the region at an appropriate price range.

Guaranteed once you have tried our product. You’ll be coming back for more!

3.    Represents the perfect Gift for loved ones/corporate

The name “Ginyi” derives from the word “Gold Fish”. In the early 1990s, Ginyi started of with the name “Gold Fish Brand”. A few years later, due to word Goldfish being a universal identity. The Company decided to change the name from Goldfish to Ginyi to create an identity of itself, and still carrying the meaning of Goldfish where in traditional Chinese FengShui it symbolises Wealth and Prosperity. In mandarin, Ginyi is called 金余. Where “金” refers to gold, and “余” refers to prosperity.

So in conclusion, with the health benefits within the bird's nest itself coupled with symbolism of the Ginyi, it is definitely the perfect Gift for your loved ones.

Logo of "Gold Fish" since 1990s
It is our objective to be committed to our customers, to ensure that all our products are of superior quality and to assure that our products are value for money and safe for consumption. If consumed regularly, obvious results will definitely be seen.

So don’t worry, do trust us of our value and it’s quality.  And soon your skin complexion will look bright and shiny! What are you waiting for? Shop now, and pamper yourself with a good bowl of luxury!

  • Oct 08, 2018
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