Superior Grade 吧实贡燕盏 (75g)

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Magnificent and visually appealing, our GINYI Superior Grade Bird's Nest is our best seller.

Used widely by most wholesalers, it's the strong aroma and taste that makes our GINYI Superior Grade Bird's Nest the best seller.

Our GINYI Superior Grade Bird's Nest has a full bowl shape, which is one of the most easily recognizable shapes of edible birds' nest, and is highly known for its beautiful curve shape and excellent swelling capacity when used in cooking.

Treat yourself to the luxurious GINYI Superior Grade Birds' Nest!

Soak: approx. 2 hours

Double Boil / Slow Cook: approx. 4 hours

Weight (gm)

No. of Pieces

Material Box


 9 to 10  Tempered Box 


  • Product Type: Raw Bird's Nest
  • Place of Origin: Malaysia
  • Content: 100% hand-picked pure bird’s nest
  • Specification: There are about 9 to 10 pieces of whole bird's nest in every 75 grams.  Each piece has an average weight of 7-9 grams.
  • Storage: Keep in cool and dry place with proper packaging.

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One of Malaysia’s Most Loved Bird’s Nest, 100% All Natural

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